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Produced by Mikie Sasano,
the daughter of the revered "Sauna Shikiji."

In Scandinavia, the birthplace of saunas, there's a term known as "Hygge."
This word encapsulates a serene time that nourishes the soul, akin to "cozy moments" or "fulfilling experiences."
When we cherish moments with family and friends, we delve deeper into "Hygge" by connecting with the natural environment around us, transcending mere enjoyment.
Goat believes that the sauna serves as a bridge between people and nature, facilitating the creation of "Hygge" moments.
Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

The firewood used in our sauna comes from thinned wood, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste and avoiding unnecessary deforestation.
The CO2 emissions produced during the combustion of this firewood are equivalent to the CO2 required for the surrounding plants to thrive, resulting in a carbon-neutral process.
Additionally, solar panels on the roof supplement our energy needs.
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Original Wood Stove

We have developed a unique sauna stove equipped with a "hot water heater" designed specifically for our facility, with a primary focus on retaining moisture. This stove is an exclusive creation, unique to our establishment.
The upper section of the stove is fitted with two layers of sauna stones, allowing self-löyly even in private facilities.


Our sauna is nestled within a natural mountain environment, featuring a private mountain stream and garden that extends to the river.


Our amenities are crafted from meticulously chosen materials, aiming to provide an experience that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.。
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Natural water

Water is sourced from natural Fuji springs, drawn from a depth of 25 meters underground.
All water from the kitchen faucets and Jacuzzi is drinkable.

Interior Design

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Our design prioritizes comfort and the contours that come in contact with your skin.
You can sit on the bench, taking in the view, or even lie down, enjoying the sauna in your unique style, as only a private space can offer.
Indoor lighting is adjustable, allowing you to immerse yourself in the changing outdoor scenery throughout the day.
Customize your view to suit the season, time of day, and your preferred seating location.

Natural Water Bath

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Directly access the deck from the sauna and cool off in the natural water bath supplied by Fuji's crystal-clear water—so pure, you can even drink it. A private mountain stream flows in front of you, from the sauna through the garden and on to the river.


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Sauna Aromas
Indulge in seasonal sauna aromas specially crafted for each time of year.

Our sauna room is kept impeccably clean with sanitized water.


Mikie Sasano (Sauna Total Producer)
Mikie Sasano, the daughter of "Sauna Shikiji", a revered sanctuary of saunas, represents more than just a "hot box." She embodies a novel approach to saunas that offers a retreat for both the body and mind. In recent years, she has not only overseen the production of saunas and sauna facilities but has also collaborated with hospitals to develop innovative wellness programs.